Hi, I'm Sebastian Mellen.

Founder, psychonaut, writer, hacker, asteroid name donor. Pragmatic idealist. Doing my best to solve real problems.

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I'd love to hear from you, whether you're interested in any of the projects I'm involved in or have one yourself. Please reach out to me via email or social media using the above links.

Email: s@slm.space

Encrypted Communications

If you'd like to reach me using encrypted communications, please send me an email encrypted using the PGP key below, or send me a message on Keybase @sebmellen.

Download PGP Key (open link, right click, save as .asc)



Co-Founder, CEO (2020 — present)

At Cerebrum, we build the digital credentialing infrastructure of the future — a streamlined, scalable, and compliant solution based on secured, blockchain-based verifiable credentials.

Visit cerebrum.com


Founder, CEO (2018 — 2021)

Assembl builds blockchain-based tools for massively-collaborative research. Assembl's tools allow researchers to trace the provenance of ideas and transfer data in a decentralized network.

Visit assembl.net


Founder, Board Member (2020 — present)

The Interplanetary Publishing Protocol (IntPub), a tool that helps researchers, academics, and scientists self-publish their works on uncensorable & decentralized sharing technologies. The protocol is a scholarship-oriented interface to existing protocols.

Visit intpub.org


Founder, Editor (2020 — present)

The Licensing Initiative for Research, Academia, and Science (LIRAS) is an effort to build a scholarship-oriented licensing suite that helps researchers protect their work while simultaneoulsy encourage sharing and open science.

Visit liras.org

The Daring LLC

Freelance (2019 — present)

In my limited freetime, I blog and work on open-source projects through The Daring LLC, my holding company. I also occasionally work on clandestine software and business consulting projects.

Website: dar.i.ng | Blog: bedaring.org


Creator (2017 — present)

GettingBetter is a simple systems-based framework for improving your life. It helps you build modular habits and form good routines, thereby earning you compound interest on self-improvement.

Visit gettingbetter.slm.space